Open letter to fellow believers

The Casey Anthony trial is over and we can have our news channels back.  But now, we get to look forward to all of the armchair reviewers and better yet, Christian commentators and community leaders expressing their outrage.  So, I thought I would drop a thank you note to all of my fellow Christ-followers.

Dear fellow Christians,

First of all, I want to thank you ahead of time for proving us absolutely predictable.  As with everyone who doesn’t live up to our humanistic christian standards, the barrage of judgmental, self-righteous, and punishment-motivated speech will begin about – now.  We have lifted the cross and gospel high above everyone’s reach as a banner of proof of our worth while demoting everyone to the level of “sinner” and “citizen of hell.”  We have effectively labeled Casey Anthony as having more power than the blood of Jesus and absolutely impenetrable to the loving power of Father God.

Second, in the midst of confusion and concern surrounding the outcome of this case and the calls for “where is the justice” we have proven once more that we have more cutting, hurtful words than defusing, empowering actions.  We have taken the very attribute given to our country from God Himself and twisted it into something that brings wrath based on our lack of understanding of something greater than ourselves.  We have subsequently made our ways higher than His, and our thoughts greater than His.

Finally, we have actually dishonored the beautiful life of the young girl at the heart of this case by using her as a platform, a political cause, and an example of all that is wrong in the world, rather than celebrating what life she had, offering a Kingdom perspective, and calling for a reformation of love and grace.

In closing, I call on all of us to consider the plank, the timber, and the truss in our own eye and start walking in the pure love that was demonstrated in the simple act of the sacrifice by our Father.  One sacrifice so that we all could live – even Casey Anthony.



PS.  Forgiveness does not mean admitting that you agree with wrong, but rather a choice to activate the very power given to you by the cross to set the captives free.

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