Blending Two Worlds, Part 2

In my last letter. . . er nevermind. . .

We talked last time about a shift in culture from a separation of spiritual and physical to a blending.  This time we’ll talk about a few examples.

Oddly, most of my fellow project managers have gifts that make them good project managers in their own right.  They have ways about them that, when I start to look at them, almost align with different ministry gifts as outlined in Ephesians.  Am I saying that as a PM I am also a Pastor, or Evangelist?  Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.  Am I saying this is global across all project managers in the world?  Nope.

Years ago, when I started to study Ephesians intently from an aspect of, what christians call, the “five-fold ministry,” it was to figure out who I was.  I knew I was given certain gifts to lead through serving, but wasn’t sure what.  Oh, yes, I was told what I was, or directed down a certain road based on the knowledge and belief of those around me, but it never quite fit.  What I found in this is that the gifts given to me by the Father when I was created crashed against everything people were telling me I was supposed to do, causing some serious internal struggle.

This internal struggle was just that, for most part – internal.  Of course, occasionally it would surface and become a public display for people around me to judge, but this is just part of life.  When this did happen, it often preceded a shift in my life (and often spilled over into the life of my family), mainly a move or a drastic change in what I did for a living.  What many did not see was the internal struggle was still there – the question over what I should be doing but more importantly “where I should be doing it?”  And by that, I mean, in what context – what we call the World, or what we call the Kingdom.

What I failed to realize is that we, as God’s offspring (work with me here), are created to be in both places!  Just as an ambassador lives in and affects change in a place, he/she is led by the home country.  Likewise, this is us.  Our ability to bring knowledge, wisdom, direction, inspiration, strategy, and sustenance from our home country (Heaven) to our normal daily lives is paramount if we look to be successful.

Next time, we’ll dive into some examples.  Or you can just look around my blogs at some key examples 🙂

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