Scrum at Church

I found this article online after browsing Jeff Sutherland’s blog.  This is just amazing and reminds me that scrum/agile is, at its center, about responding to constant change.  As Christ-followers, we ought to be considering what change we want to see committed to our communities and work in incremental and sustainable timeframes to see this change happen!  Also, in an ever changing world, how do we continue to stay able to communicate in a way that meets the people where they are.  Jesus spoke in parables of fish and farming because, guess what, the people were fisherman and farmers!  We are a high tech world full of influential media where a conversation over 140 characters is difficult at best.  Learn, adapt, change, and realize that God is really big and smart and loves us more than we can imagine.  Just think how our impact would be if we took and mixed supernatural in with an ability to respond to constant change!  How awesome would it be if we weren’t locked into the way we always did things, but rather saw life and our world impact as able to be changes as the “requirements” changed. . .  Just a thought.

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