“Look beyond where you are now.”

This sounds like a vague, self-esteem building one liner, but in actuality it is a strategic move to help you meet your goals.

A while ago, I was hoping that situations and scenarios would change. I was expectant that my life would get better and that I would achieve my goals. This was good (and I wouldn’t trade anything for the life lessons learned), but I was missing a key – action. And action is difficult, especially when change is required. What I learned was that steps were needed to be added to that “hope” and “expectancy.” I would not start to see progress in certain goals until I picked up the talents and starting practicing them. I did not start to see success until I was actionable with my hope. There were growing pangs in the short term, but ultimately, every change has brought me closer to life goals.

If you are in a less-than-ideal circumstance today, look strategically at changes or actions that will benefit your long term vision. Making decisions based on this, rather than on survival instinct of the present will bring success.

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