Transition Sucks

How easy is it to transition?  Can you wrap a new way of working in an old wrapper?

Over the past 21 years of my career in IT, I have seen tremendous change.  My first computer was a 386SX 20mHz with 4mb RAM and a 40mb Hard Drive.  I am sure many of you who have been in the field longer have experience with even cooler stuff!  We have seen CRT monitors give way to LEDs.  We have seen desktops give way to tablets and even smartphones in providing overall functionality.  Along the way, there was transition of the “human” system on how we drive the technology but also how this expanding universe of knowledge and posibilities drives our ways of working.

As the “older generation” now (wow, where did time go?), we have a responsibility to both remember the ways of the past – their successes and failures – and be mentors to those who provide amazing new ideas without becoming a roadblock to innovation.  It is in our collective best interest to maintain fluidity and flexibility and be able to be containers for new “content” while allowing our experience to be wisdom (knowledge in USE).  In this way, we can maintain the business and personal relationships needed without being viewed as an impediment to improvement.  And we can do this all of this and still live by our core values.

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