You Know What Else Sucks? Perseverance. . .

I should really start calling these “thought of the month.”  Anyway, perseverance sucks.  In its definition even, perseverance is stated as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”  Why would someone even speak of difficulty or delay?  Because of the last two words in the definition – achieving success.

Here is a little twist on this concept of perseverance – one has to understand, hold onto, and otherwise accept as a “known known” that success is achievable.  I would even go the extra mile and say that success is not only achievable but is assured to those who possess perseverance.  It is like individuals who persevere have already spotted the goal line; almost as if it is some kind of dream or vision or grand epiphany.

Perseverance also has a partner – it is called flexibility.  Successful individuals see the goal, but then allow the route to be adjusted, mold-able, changeable, detour-able in order to maximize the success.  In some cases, success is known and assured, but might look different at the end.  It is still success but has been shaped (mostly in a greater way) by the journey itself.

So ask a few questions of yourself today:

  1. Do you have a goal/vision that is worth persevering for?
  2. Are you flexible in your success to be able to be agile along the way?
  3. Even in change, do you still keep moving forward?

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