Interview with an Agile Coach during COVID around Teams

Hey folks! Above is just a quick snippet video that we threw together last week. Maybe it helps someone?

Q: We all know the challenges of remote workforce, but what are the top 3 challenges that have surfaced during this most recent pandemic?


  1. Lack of Trust brought on by limited transparency pre-COVID
  2. Coordination challenges with technologies and infrastructure that still revolves around legacy security measures
  3. Connection between team members, leaders, and IT/Business (heightened)

Q: What do you think the answers are?


  • Start building trust now by increasing transparency.  This will cost us time.  We will have to all be more conscious of more touch points, more communication, and erring on the side of humility.
  • Decentralize security and control.  Quoting a variation of Steve Jobs – you have hired smart people, now get out of their way and don’t tell them what to do.
  • Simple things: 
    • Every conversation should start with, “how are you doing”  
    • Expect that everyone has family, pets, and home issues on the brain
    • Do more team meetings and less one-offs
    • Include more people than you would normally think

For more go to MATRIX’s Agile Consulting Page!

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