Interview with an Agile Coach during COVID around Leaders

Following up on the teams conversation, leadership is changing as well. From middle managers to others in organizations.

Q: How do you think the role of manager and leader has changed?


  1. Definitely more of counselor and mentor coming to the surface rather than a task assigner.
  2. We have relegated middle management to a place where they just “make sure stuff gets done” in the past but that is shifting
  3. This emergent leadership can be essential in individual and team care as well as engagement
  4. Sir Richard Branson – “Customers do not come first – employees come first.  take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.”
  5. I also think more of these folks are being asked to make hard decisions on who is furloughed or laid off
  6. They are becoming more part of the team than over the team

Q: What do you think is temporary and what will stay with us?


  1. I’m hoping that the idea of team care and engagement stay and become the number one priority of leaders
  2. And that being part of the team and serving teams will stay rather than being over teams
  3. I am afraid that that some of the transition away from “make sure stuff gets done” will reverse but we can help you with that!

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