Interview with an Agile Coach during COVID around Products

Q: We talk a lot about product innovation, but why now during this crisis?


  1. There is an adage – you are either growing or dying.
  2. Organizations that are stagnant right now or going into “survival mode” may not make it. They may slightly come back but will be behind the innovation curve.
  3. Other organizations are diverging too far from their vision and values. I’ve seen many companies who were technology companies try to get into physical manufacturing!
  4. There is a need to look for value builders but not to move away from one’s vision

Q: What are some realistic and applicable steps we can take now that most companies are cutting back?


  1. Autonomy and gamification for teams to innovate. Atlassian model – if things are slow then take some time to let people create and be creative.
  2. This also helps the challenges with team engagement FYI
  3. Truly force rank your products by value delivered. Be honest. This is hard. Decide which top 60% of products stay, create a plan to drop the bottom 40% and then innovate with new products and features.

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