Webinar re-post: how to become lean and mean

When I was younger, I thought one of the greatest desires of my life was to speak at events. While I truly enjoy speaking and sharing a little bit about who I am and what I do (and have done) so that people may get something out of it, I have found that a greater enjoyment is to host people and bring really awesome people together to share their own stories.

So once again, I was able to do this on November 17th with our fourth webinar in the series of “Leading Transformation.” We have talked about getting started, about the role of product in transformation, about DevSecOps (or is it SecDevOps?), and this time we focused in on Lean Portfolio. It almost ties all of the others together – Lean Portfolios are driven by products, they are necessary to change dramatically, and they never look at the technical as being a second-class citizen.

Give it a listen. See what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback on the conversations with these three amazing trailblazers!

Webinar Recording – How to Become Lean and Mean: Scaling Agile

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