Organizational Coaching

My life has all been about “turn of events.”  Since I was young, I feel like I have had some neat opportunities presented to me that also required steps of “faith” in order to see demonstrable change.  My career has been very similar.  Leap of FaithI started out “playing” on computers at about age 7 or 8 with a Commodore 64.  In middle school and high school, we had a technology grant which allowed our district to get several labs and seven computers per classroom and I became heavily focused on technology.  But I had other things on my mind – I wanted to go a different path; a more holy path, if you might.  What this created was another opportunity.  I longed to fulfill part of life that I believed I was called to, but I was really good at tech.  I was offered a position at the local school system as a technology specialist.  I took it, but at 19 continued to go to school full time.  My career progressed along this IT path until I was forced into another change.  Was it comfortable?  No.  Was it a fun opportunity?  Not to begin with.  But the next thing I knew, I was managing projects.

From there, these opportunities and faith steps seemed to come quickly.  Where as it was 10 years between starting into IT full time and seeing the need to change, it seemed that opportunities to change started happening about every 1-2 years.  I was in traditional PMI-type project management and then was presented an opportunity to start playing in the scrum sandbox.  Next thing, there was opportunity to use agility in my own endeavors outside of development.  Next, an opportunity to help transition a growing, profitable project.  Then PMO.  Then Company.  Then Communities of companies.

And then it happened.  The next thing I know I am trying to use all of these collective experiences in change to help organizations find their path.  Sometimes I wonder if they have the right guy.  It seems that, even though my career has achieved drinking age,(thank you for the line Matt Badgley @agilebaconbeer) that it cannot have happened this way.  That I can’t be using experiences from pastoring or counseling to help organizations change their mindsets.

But I am that guy, and I do those things.  And I am still learning every day how to help.  I strike out often; but I occasionally get a single or double as well.  So when I talk about organizational  coaching on this site, it isn’t about knowing processes better or applying stronger transparency principles than the other guy, it sometimes is as simple as, “I don’t know the better way, but I can tell you if you do X, you will get your lunch eaten,” and then figuring it out together.

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