Well hello!  Welcome to my little page here.  You might want to know what you are in for here.  Well, I am a guy living in a small rural town in West Georgia with a beautiful, intelligent, and extremely thoughtful wife and three wonderful, smart children.  Most of my day is spent leading agile coaches where I work to provide tools, ideas, and the like to the people who do amazing work.  They, in turn, work with a wide variety of folks in helping them be Agile and helping them down a road of increased community, trust, and improvement.  Sometimes I get into the trenches, realizing that I have so much more to learn, but hey – life is an experiment and a journey.

About 12-ish years ago, I started to just jot down observations on how my spiritual life is impacted and can impact other “aspects” of my life.  I had seen how fear and control could negatively impact relationships and damage cultures and I started seeing how ideas like Agile and collaboration line up with the idea of kingdom. I also started in investigate how we can improve our lives if we turn to building relationships in business and in our personal lives.  The journey has consisted of more questions, thoughts, challenges, and solidification of core beliefs that grow around a desire to see improvement, reform, and movement in the right direction.

So, this evolving site has a few different things including semi-amusing ramblings, a bit of “here is where I am in my spiritual journey, a few agile resources (I won’t promise anything though), and finally maybe a bit of movie reviews (but from a different viewpoint).

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’m really looking forward to amusing and/or offending you!

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