Homegrown Agile

My first thoughts about Agile practices were not those of increasing productivity (even though they can), improving product speed to market (which they do), or even breaking down the walls between traditional “business” and “IT” (which happens, all the time).  Rather, I kept seeing a cultural and environmental shift in the ways people interacted – from the client relationships to the leadership relationships.  I saw how, at the core, we empowered people to do what they do even better and deliver things of value in order to improve relationships and the subsequently the wealth of all parties involved.

Homegrown Agile is about taking what my family is teaching me and seeking out where these critical concepts can improve teams, companies, community groups, etc. and then sharing it with you.  Hopefully you laugh more than cringe, but more importantly, hopefully you look around you and see how life can be a good teacher.

Homegrown Agile: E’s Graduation

He did it! E graduated. We are so very excited about his accomplishments and for the next part of his journey through college. He has endured much hardship as a student – some of it environmental and some of it self-inflicted – and in many ways, it reminds me of what we see at organizations that we coach.


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