Agile Trends 2020: Part 3 – Communities (COVID-19 Redux)

must say that I started this "final post in the series" about three weeks ago, just before I flew up to Minneapolis to do training. At the time I started this blog post it was more about how we grow and strengthen the communities, whether the national and international agile communities or our local agile communities; how we focus on creating "matrix's" of agile professional and organizational incubation and areas where professionals can share and grow. However, all of that went out the window...

You Know What Else Sucks? Perseverance. . .

I should really start calling these "thought of the month."  Anyway, perseverance sucks.  In its definition even, perseverance is stated as "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success."  Why would someone even speak of difficulty or delay?  Because of the last two words in the definition - achieving success. Here is … Continue reading You Know What Else Sucks? Perseverance. . .