Agile Trends 2020: Part 3 – Communities (COVID-19 Redux)

must say that I started this "final post in the series" about three weeks ago, just before I flew up to Minneapolis to do training. At the time I started this blog post it was more about how we grow and strengthen the communities, whether the national and international agile communities or our local agile communities; how we focus on creating "matrix's" of agile professional and organizational incubation and areas where professionals can share and grow. However, all of that went out the window...

How A Set of Small Decisions Impact Culture

The following video applies to my "both worlds" scenario.  At the heart, this is about community, trust, and, most importantly, killing fear. Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1 from Spotify Training & Development on Vimeo. An attempt to describe our engineering culture. This is a journey in progress, not a journey completed. So the stuff … Continue reading How A Set of Small Decisions Impact Culture