No Longer a Project Manager

Oftentimes, I am asked, "what do we do with project managers as we adopt agility?" Being a self-proclaimed "recovering project manager" I am sensitive to the people who we are impacting, however, I am also extremely dogmatic on improving the business/IT relationship. Below is a brief infographic I threw together for some folks last year … Continue reading No Longer a Project Manager

‘I Love Spikes’ by Manny the Grouch

"I love spikes!  Anything dirty or dingy or dusty! "Welcome to my trash can!  I am Manny the Grouch.  Many of you know my brother as the negative, pseudo-mean, and sarcastic hoarder of Sesame Street.  I, on the other hand, am a team member on a scrum team at a local development company.  Recently, my company decided … Continue reading ‘I Love Spikes’ by Manny the Grouch