Four Values of a Successful Company – A Repost

Sharing with you guys a blog entry I read today.  I'm usually not too fond of numbered lists (ironic, I know, as I am a project manager), but this is a good read. The Short of It Successful companies believe in talented people who build a trust culture that unites them around a customer-centric … Continue reading Four Values of a Successful Company – A Repost

“Why Can’t You Just Be Normal?”

What characteristics cause us to stand out? Is it because we write off our poverty as trusting the Lord, our inability to hold down a job as "just passing through this life," our argumentative stance as standing up for the truth, or our judgmentalism justified as "discernment"? Or is it for our massive love for people, or our working of miracles, or our words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophetic uplifting and guidance, or for our amazing ability to prosper at whatever we touch?