3 Ways to Apply Agile at the Executive Level

A while ago, I read a book and a short white paper that fit both of my user story needs. The first was about how leadership can apply agility at the executive leadership level. The second was about how we must change to get the right talent in our current Agile environment. Both brought up key Holistic Agile concepts that I constantly attempt to apply in Agile adoptions and transformations at MATRIX. When it happens successfully, the initiative seems to “take a turn” for the better as the organization (not just IT) “gets it.” When these practices are not applied to senior leadership, there is a chasm that drags Agile transformations to a halt. Without Holistic Agility, organizational change will fail. These practices and principles are building teams, being responsive, and self-management.

I Think Therefore I Am and Other Terrible Anti-Agile Ideas

I was listening to a podcast this morning that was talking about the concept of original error, which is the idea of tracing a philosophical belief back to its origin.  The purpose, then, is to build the case against that thing that started all of the problems in the first place.  I will not bore … Continue reading I Think Therefore I Am and Other Terrible Anti-Agile Ideas