Arguing Business over Bourbon

We live in a tense period of time. Everyone has opinions on how things should be, who should be doing what, and more importantly which bourbon is the best. So, being one not to shy away from topics and to mix business, religion, and politics just to make everyone uncomfortable, I’m going to be starting a series of video podcasts called, “Arguing Business over Bourbon.”

In this series, I am going to sit down with different friends and colleagues of mine over our favorite bourbons and talk shop. Yep, we are going to tackle everything from DEI to religion at work to agility/DevSecOps. My hope is that the bourbon will not only soften and relax the pallet but also relax the mind and we can come to some agreement or disagreement over topics. So, keep watching and as soon as I have them going, we will post them both to the YouTube Channel as well as here and maybe even everywhere Podcasts are found. If you want to stay up to date, subscribe to YouTube Channel and enable notifications here: