Top 10 Agile Fails

Recently, when looking for some new graphics and infographics for agile, I ran across this.  It is pretty awesome and on a site called “Visualstan”

Top 10 Agile Fails #infographic

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Agile Fails

  1. What a fun infographic! It’s even animated. I would add that customers need to be 100% on board with the agile approach. Even if you’ve gotten your team as part of “the borg”, I’ve found that you can’t make the customer join. What would you do in a case where your team is most accustomed to Agile but the customer isn’t?


    1. Great point Lily! Depends on the customer. For large enterprises, all you can do is maintain your core agile values and work within their framework. You can use this opportunity to prove agile, per se. We worked with a large pharmacy chain with a very strict SDLC but we were able to show them we could deliver working bits of their func. reqs. every three weeks. Oh, and it would be tested too. So they could even take advantage of our test cases and reduce their testing phase costs. With smaller customers, I use it as an opportunity for education and maybe giving them ideas early in their company life. It seems to resonate better with them!

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