Becoming a Successful Leader

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value” – Albert Einstein

I guess I could have put “overused success quote from famous genius” above.  To me, a quotation on success or another three to twenty-one point plan is just not what I, or anyone else for that matter, need.  What we need are “leadership fathers.”

Many years ago a gentleman that I have a ton of respect for made the comment that I was supposed to be a boss to my employees, not a father.  Well, I honorably and humbly disagree.  We have made business all about the short term gains and not about the legacy value or success.  We have turned to quarterly profitability instead of long-term market impact.  And in the process we have transformed our workers and partners into merely resources to be used in order to facilitate a goal.  Because of this, we have traded viability and stability in growth for the quick buck.

Ok, so problem identified!  You are probably wondering, “what now Mr. Smarty pants commie anti-capitalist”?  Well, I don’t know what it looks like everywhere because there is no silver bullet – on concepts and ideas that can create core values.  I do know that we need business and successful business.  Only well-financed [read: wealthy] people can sustainably create jobs.

I also know we desperately need to mentor and father people into being successful.  It means allowing people to think on their own, and dare I say mess up.  It means allowing experimentation and innovation in areas that are outside your control.  It means creating an environment that encourages transparency, adaptability, and inspection.  Does this sound familiar agilists?  Wink wink, nudge nudge.


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